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6 Quick and Easy Packing Hacks for Moving Homes

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You are moving— how exciting! We love embarking on this journey as we know there is so much in store for everybody. Yes, we agree that packing and moving are extremely stressful; there is so much to tackle, and it seems like so little time. However, we choose to reframe this experience as welcoming exciting new adventures (moving) while looking forward to reminiscing on old memories (packing)!

Not everybody has the luxury of feeling the same way, so we are here to help make this stressful experience a little more fun. We know all the negative emotions of moving: fear, anxiety, sadness, and growing pains; however, we are right by your side. Today, we will be working on making one of the most stressful experiences of moving, packing, an experience of dancing in your socks and underwear without a care in the world.

Read on to discover our best tips for packing when moving.

Packing Hack #1: Start early!

We can not stress this enough, which is why it is at the top of our list! Starting early takes the time crunch out of the whole process, ensuring you have adequate time to create a list, execute your plan, and enjoy some wine at the night’s end.

Starting early allows you to wiggle room if something goes wrong or packing takes longer than expected. We know that in some cases, moves are unexpected or they require a very short time frame. There are still great ways to minimize stress in those cases: read on for more tips.

Packing Hack #2: Create a list

Physically moving from one space to another is difficult and may increase depending on how far and wide you travel. Creating a list ensures that the process is streamlined as easily as possible. There are many ways to format your list, so choose the best.

One of our top suggestions is to organize the items according to rooms or categories. When you organize based on room, you know exactly which items should go in which room in your new space. This is a great choice if your new space has a similar layout to your old space.

When you organize based on categories, however, it allows you to be more flexible regarding where items are going and where to place each.

Packing Hack #3: Storage containers

What are storage containers, if not just a very large suitcase? Storage containers are one of our favourite ways to make moving as smooth as possible if you do not want to get caught up in all the details about packing the car, driving it over, and then unloading it, fear not!

Portable storage container rentals are there to sit outside of your house until they are ready to be transported (by somebody other than yourself) and then are unloaded quickly and efficiently in your new place. Does it get any easier than that?

Packing Hack #4: Pack a first-night box

Packing and moving is not a one-day process: it can take weeks, if not months, to fully unpack from a move. As such, you do not want to be left searching through your boxes after a long day of packing, driving, and unloading.

Having a first-night box allows you to get your rest after a long day, so you can be ready to tackle the rest of the unpacking the morning after. This box should contain essentials like toiletries, a change of clothes, bedding, and any medications you take.

Packing Hack #5: Make use of suitcases

Boxes seem like the obvious contender when you are moving: they are sturdy and reliable, and every character on every sitcom ever carries one when they are moving houses. However, you do not have to limit yourself to boxes, especially for heavier items. Suitcases are built for this purpose!

They have wheels, pockets, and zippers to make your move as smooth as possible. Do not waste valuable space in your luggage with clothing. Instead, opt for heavier items that you do not want to carry on your arm.

Packing Hack #6: Enlist family and friends if you are on a time crunch

As mentioned before, starting early is not always possible (procrastinating is also possible). Thus, if you are in dire need of help (and also on a budget), asking your family or friends to lend a helping hand can be just the thing you need if you have created your list and know what items should go where you can hand them off to others and ask them to get packing.

Perhaps they do not have to pack whole boxes— they can wrap glassware and silverware, disassemble furniture, or disconnect and reconnect technology