11 Best Excuses for Missing Work That No One Will Suspect

Those who love their job are less likely to come up with excuses to take a day off from work. However, even if you are passionate about what you do for a living, there might come a time where you will give in to the temptation to stay home. Most workplaces are understanding when their employees miss work once in a while.

It only becomes a problem when missing work becomes a pattern. Businesses keep track of the records in their absence management software, and it can be worrisome when the same employee has missed work for a series of days.

If you don’t want your employee record to look tarnished, but still want to take a day off, you’ll need some realistic excuses to give your boss. Here are 11 of the best excuses for missing work:

Excuse #1: “I’m sick.”

Being really sick is always considered one of the best excuses for missing work. Whether it’s true or not, you can call your boss to let them know you have diarrhea, food poisoning, the flu, or a terrible migraine that makes it impossible for you to get out of bed. You could also be unable to go to work because of back pain.

Excuse #2: “I have an appointment with my doctor.”

Having a doctor’s appointment or a dental appointment can allow you to miss work, but probably not for a full day. This is the best excuses for missing work if you want to leave the office early, or if you would like to only show up for work in the afternoon. An appointment with a hairstylist, however, will not be seen as a valid excuse.

Excuse #3: “My kids are sick.”

Staying home to take care of a sick kid is a good excuse for missing work for a day or two. You could also need to take your son or daughter to a doctor’s appointment. Even though this is one of the best excuses for missing work, be sure not to try to use this excuse if everyone at the office knows you don’t actually have kids!

Excuse #4: “My dog is sick.”

If you know that your boss loves animals, you could be able to miss work with the excuse that your dog or cat is sick, and that you have to stay home to take care of your beloved pet. If you don’t actually have a dog or a cat, this could still work, but don’t forget to give news of your imaginary pet to your boss from time to time.

Excuse #5: “There’s an emergency at home.”

Some pipes broke and your basement is flooded. There has been a cooking fire in your kitchen. Someone tried to break into your home, and you want to install an alarm system as soon as possible. A home emergency can be a good excuse for missing work, as long as your story sounds believable.

Excuse #6: “I have woman issues.”

If your boss is a man, claiming that you can’t make it to work because you have serious woman issues can be a great excuse. He probably won’t dare to question it, making this one of the best issues to miss work as a woman. If your boss is a woman, she will certainly ask for more details to try to understand what is going on with you.

Excuse #7: “I’ve been put on jury duty.”

Missing work because you have been put on jury duty can do the trick. However, if you are only pretending you have been summoned to court, this excuse could be risky if you live in a small town. If your boss finds out there is no trial going on, they might ask you a few questions you won’t be able to answer to.

Excuse #8: “I need to help my best friend move as quickly as possible.”

You probably won’t be able to miss work because you are moving out. Your boss will argue that you just had to plan your move on a weekend. But what if there’s some sort of an emergency? If your best friend’s violent boyfriend kicked her out of the apartment they shared, you would be a terrible friend for not helping her move as quickly as possible.

Excuse #9: “Someone in my family has been involved in a car accident.”

If a family member or a close friend got involved in a serious car accident, you probably would have a hard time focusing on your work. This could be a valid excuse for taking a day off. But don’t miss a few days and say that your loved one died from their injuries unless it’s true. Pretending someone died only so you can miss work is just wrong.

Excuse #10: “I witnessed a car accident and I have to go to the police station.”

If you have witnessed a hit-and-run accident, the police might ask you to come to the station to give them a statement, and this could take a few hours. It could be a valid excuse to miss perhaps half a day of work. No one can go against the law!

Excuse #11: “I donated blood and now I’m feeling very dizzy.”

If you have already donated blood, you know this selfless action can end up making you feel a bit lightheaded. Calling your boss to say you have donated blood this morning and you are now feeling very dizzy could be one of the best excuses for missing work. Unless your boss knows that there is no blood drive in town at the moment.

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