6 Best Paying Jobs with Benefits for Employees

Are you just about to enter into the job market? Maybe you’ve been pursuing one career path for a while and feel it’s time for a career change. Whatever your motivation for searching for a new job, salary and benefits are definitely a factor that will help guide your decision. Although they’re not everything, they can significantly sway you to choose one job over another.

To assist you with choosing the best paying jobs with great benefits, we researched different job industries to find the highest paying careers. Here is a list with the best paying jobs that also offer an attractive employee benefits management program:

1. Utility Manager ($114,000 per year)

A utility manager is one of the shockingly best paying jobs with benefits for employees. You may be in for a surprise to discover that utility managers earn around $114,000 a year.

What is a utility manager? These people oversee the operations and maintenance of systems responsible for a variety of things, including water treatment, wastewater collection, water distribution, electrical power supply, and natural gas.

It’s been predicted that through 2024, there will be over 3,000 job openings for this type of job. Utility managers also enjoy benefits such as health and dental insurance, as well as paid vacation days.

2. Engineering Manager ($106,000 per year)

Engineering managers are responsible for overseeing the work of a company’s engineers. Among other duties, they plan projects, make sure they are carried out to standards, and evaluate completed work.

The median salary of an engineering manager in Canada is around $106,000. If you have an interest in engineering and decide to pursue this as a career, becoming a manager can be one of the best paying jobs with benefits. You’ll have to gain significant experience and expertise, but it will be worth it to bring home this handsome salary.

Engineering managers enjoy more freedom than a regular engineer and have a bigger say when it comes to different aspects of a project. They also enjoy benefits such as health and dental insurance and paid vacation and sick time.

3. Nurse Practitioner ($104,000 per year)

Are you interested in health care? Do you want a career where your main job is saving people’s lives? Then you’re in luck! Nurse practitioners are among the top earners in Canada. They bring home a median salary of around $104,000.

What is a nurse practitioner? According to the Nurse Practitioners’ Association of Ontario, a nurse practitioner is a registered nurse that holds advanced university education. These health care workers work alongside doctors, nurses, and other health care workers. They primarily work in hospitals, community-based clinics, and birthing centers.

One of the benefits of being a nurse practitioner is that your skills are always in demand, meaning if you pursue this career path, you can count on your job being secure. They also enjoy comprehensive health and dental benefits, life insurance, and paid vacation days.

4. Dentist ($94,000 per year)

Dentists perform a variety of tasks including dental exams, treating dental problems, cleaning teeth, and preventing serious dental disorders.

A career as a dentist is very promising. Although the salary for a dentist varies, the median average salary is around $94,000.

As everyone needs to visit a dentist, your skills are always in high demand. There are usually more jobs available than there are dentists. If you choose this career path, you’ll also enjoy flexible hours, paid vacation and sick time, health insurance benefits, and the opportunity to open your own dental practice.

5. Police Officer ($88,000 per year)

A career as a police officer is a noble career choice and puts you in a position where your main job is to protect the safety of your citizens. It’s definitely a rewarding career that also pays well. Although as a police officer you may take on different roles, the median salary is somewhere around $88,000 in Canada.

Police officers also enjoy great benefits including a sizeable pension, health and dental benefits, life insurance, and paid vacation and sick days, to name a few. There are also many opportunities to move up or to change to a different role if you so choose.

6. Actuary ($87,000 per year)

Do you love crunching numbers and take pleasure in reading a good statistical report? Then being an actuary may be the career for you! A bonus? It’s also one of the top paying jobs in Canada!

What is an actuary exactly? These people help businesses plan for the future and protect themselves from loss by managing risk. They do so by using their math skills to build models that solve a variety of issues while at the same time predicting outcomes. Actuaries primarily work for insurance companies.

Actuaries make a median salary of around $87,000 in Canada. This is a fast-growing profession, so if you decide to become an actuary, you can be sure you’ll be easily employable. Actuaries also receive generous health and dental insurance, paid vacation and sick days, and sometimes even the ability to work from home.

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