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How to Create the Best Mental Health YouTube Channel

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YouTube is a social media platform with a wide reach and a grand audience and is the most popular place where people go for entertainment and information on the net. Anyone can become a content creator on YouTube, and once you reach a certain threshold, you can monetize your channel and make lasting income.

Do you want to put out content related to mental health? Like any other genre, there is lots of competition, so you need to attract people to your channel to rise to the top. Here’s how to create the best mental health YouTube channel.

Put Out Quality Content

For you to become a successful YouTuber, you need content. These are the videos that make up your channel and get views. People want information, and for the mental health space, you need to help those looking for knowledge about the subject.

For content, think about creating:

• Animated videos

• Inspirational quotes

• Clips of experts teaching

• Passing on your knowledge

• Daily affirmations

• Practice coping tips

While it is important to have a consistent upload schedule, ideally one video per day, more crucial is that your video content a high-quality. You want people to subscribe and link your videos on social media, so make sure what you publish is the best you can do.

When you go shopping, every business will have a sign in front of their store telling you what they sell. The same is true for YouTube channels, and this is called a banner.

A YouTube banner, or channel art, is a large, rectangular space with artwork or a photo at the channel’s top. It is there to advertise you as a creator and is the first thing most people look at when finding or visiting your page.

This is a sneak peek into your content and needs to let visitors know what you are all about. When using a YouTube banner maker, your design should be clear and concise while still being informative and inviting. Ultimately, you want your banner to communicate your brand’s message and personality, reflecting your specialty in mental health.

Build a Following

Every channel starts with its first subscriber, and yours will be no different. Your subscriber count should increase as you add more videos and create a high-quality channel. Sometimes all it takes is one video to go viral, and things can change dramatically. Follow up with more videos like your popular one and see where it takes you.

YouTube should be your main hub, where you build your mental health business, but other platforms are where you can interact with people and send them back to your YT channel.

Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Twitter are great for getting in on the conversation and building your public profile. You can post pictures, memes, smaller clips, links and mental health information to increase your presence and recognition in the genre. It is extra work but will pay off as you become more widely known.

When people think of mental health professionals, they want to come to mind. This can be achieved in several different ways.

• Academic credentials

• Work experience in the field

• Published works (books, e-books, articles)

• Online presence

You want to be the go-to person people search for when they want information on mental health. Utilize social media to interact with others and drive traffic to your YT channel, where you demonstrate your authority on the subject.  

Mental health challenges are numerous, including:

• Anxiety

• Depression


• Eating disorders

• Bipolar disorder


• Paranoia

These conditions and many others negatively impact people, including friends, family and loved ones. Depending on your specialty or wealth of knowledge, you should try covering as many issues as possible.

It’s a good idea to create different series on your channel and build playlists so subscribers can easily find the help and information they need. You can publish several videos in a row on a certain topic and change things daily, so you have a wider variety. Another great idea is to have a set day for certain subjects, like Monday Mood Busters or Saturday’s Fitness Tips for Depression. Have lots of content in your genre, and keep adding to your playlists to attract more subscribers.

You need to have a website to help legitimize your status as a mental health expert. This is also a place where people can find information about you. Write compelling articles on various mental health subjects and have a daily blog people can read. Ensure there are many pictures and embed your YouTube videos on your site.

Your website is another place for people to visit once they find you on YouTube. It also serves to direct them back to more videos. Any articles you write can be turned into YT videos and published on your channel. This is how to create the best mental health YouTube channel. To get to the top, you need to be dynamic with ongoing content to help those seeking solutions to their mental health concerns.