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8 Best Ways to Release Anger and Rage

3 min read

Every human being has a range of emotions that will be felt throughout their lives. Some of these emotions will see you laughing and genuinely happy with loved ones. Those loved ones may also put you into a situation where you become frustrated. If left unchecked, frustration can quickly turn to anger.

In our worst moments, anger can generally get the better of us. This causes us to say or do things we genuinely didn’t mean, but it can hurt those around us. You are in luck if you seek ways to control your anger.

Here are the best ways to take advantage of when releasing your anger.

1. Thinking About It

Your anger may put you in a truly detrimental scenario when left unchecked. It is one of those emotions that does not allow for rational thinking. This, at the end of the day, can make our lives more difficult than needed. If you feel your anger boiling over, step back and do your best to calm down.

You will feel the anger bubbling inside you as you try to calm yourself. This is where you should think about how you feel and how to eliminate it. Once you give yourself a few seconds to think before you speak, you can confront the situation better.

2. Timeout

If you are the parent of a child, you know all too well how emotionally charged kids can be. After all, they are free spirits and want to let everything run wild as they learn and grow. Sometimes, unfortunately, this means that they will have to be put in a timeout until they are rested and recalibrated.

When you think about it, timeouts are not just reserved for kids. They could be an incredible means for adults to rest and reassess a situation. Once this occurs, anger will not be your leading emotion during inconvenient circumstances. Take one for yourself, and come back later to figure things out.

3. Psychotherapist

Anger can be difficult to control. Since most of us have little guidance on traversing it, we may have to learn along the way. Moreover, we might also have to look for different professionals who can assist us in this journey. One of the best individuals to speak to would be an online psychotherapy professional.

Psychotherapists will try to unravel certain moments in your life to determine key experiences. Sometimes, uncontrolled anger could result from a traumatic incident in your childhood. If you learn more about yourself in the long run, you can better yourself later. It does not hurt to check in with a psychotherapist to see what can come of it!

4. Communicate Clearly

Anger can often envelop how we react to various things or situations. For example, we may be unhappy with a significant other who forgot to do some home tasks. Instead of using anger to start the dialogue, it is better to rationally approach your communication.

For instance, do not try to place blame immediately, as this gets a person’s defences up. Instead, start by saying you were upset and would like to work together to find a solution. Not only does it calm tensions, but it releases your anger to the point where it becomes null and void.

5. Exercise

You’d be surprised how beneficial getting a good sweat in can be. Physical exercise differs from other anger-related solutions because it can be capitalized on. Use your anger to push yourself in the gym or a preferred sport. Once completed, you will feel fulfilled but also proud that you were able to push yourself.

6. Humour

Disarming your anger when it flares up can be easily done by adding humour to a situation. It shows that you do not have to rely on frustration to take hold of your dialogues. Throw a joke out there, get yourself laughing, and you will be set.

7. Meditation

Meditation can be an excellent means of transformation, like getting some exercise. Do your best to get a few minutes of mindfulness each day, and anger will be released from your body.

8. Grudge Holding

Holding a grudge against someone to prolong your anger can be challenging and quite easy. However, it does a disservice to yourself most of the time. Try your hardest to let things go; anger will not envelop your entire life!