12 Summer Camp Craft Ideas That Will Improve Your Creativity

Do you remember enjoying some summer camp crafts as a kid? Even if you did not do much crafting, or did not go to summer camp when you were younger, it’s never too late to catch up on fun craft ideas.

In fact, why not take a look at these fun summer camp craft ideas, and try a few of them with your kids? Crafts projects are a classic staple of the summer camp experience, and you will have boundless fun engaging in these handicrafts. This is an easy way to spend quality time together while nurturing your creativity.

Here are 12 summer camp craft ideas that you can make with common household items:

Crafts made with popsicle sticks

Idea #1: Mosaic sun catcher

One of the most popular summer camp craft ideas is the mosaic sun catcher. Start by painting 12 popsicle sticks with yellow paint, and after they have dried, glue 6 of them together to form a hexagon. Glue the remaining sticks to form the rays of the sun.

Glue pieces of tissue paper to a circle made from wax paper, glue this circle inside your popsicle sticks sun, and hang it in front of your window with a piece of yarn.

Idea #2: Caterpillars

If you want a more simple craft made with popsicle sticks, simply use yarn, paint, markers, or colourful pipe cleaners to decorate sticks, and turn them into cute caterpillars.

Crafts made with paper plates

Idea #3: Paper plate garden

For kids who are feeling very creative, creating a paper plate garden could be a great idea. Gather paint, popsicle sticks, artificial flowers, yarn, small pebbles, craft feathers, and any other item that inspires you.

Decorate your paper plate to make it look like a garden full of colourful flowers.

Idea #4: Paper plate frisbee

Take two paper plates. Trace and cut out a circle in the middle of each of them, and decorate the bottom with paint or markers. Cover the other side of each plate with clear shipping tape.

Place both plates together so their decorated sides are showing, and cover them with more clear shipping tape, folding the edges of the tape inside the middle circles. You now have a fun paper plate frisbee!

Crafts made with toilet paper rolls

Idea #5: Binoculars

Kids have a lot of imagination, so they will take these cardboard binoculars with them on many exciting adventures. Decorate two toilet paper rolls with felt, colourful paper, or paint, and glue them together to form binoculars.

Attach a long piece of yarn to the binoculars, so you can wear them around your neck to go explore the jungle, or spot rare birds in the sky.

Idea #6: Dragonfly

Cut a toilet paper roll in two pieces, lenghtwise. Roll up one half of the roll, and secure it with tape to form the long body of the dragonfly.

Trace a pair of wings on the other half of the roll, and cut it out. Paint the body and the wings, glue them together, and have fun decorating them.

Crafts made with yarn

Idea #7: God’s eye

A God’s eye is a classic summer camp craft. Start by glueing together two popsicle sticks, two small twigs, or two skewers so they cross each other.

Wrap a piece of yarn around the center of the sticks. Then, wrap it around one stick, turn your project 90 degrees, and wrap it around another stick.

Keep going with this weaving pattern until the sticks are almost completely covered in yarn, then tie a knot at the back of the project.

Idea #8: Friendship bracelets

Friendship bracelets are another classic summer camp craft idea. To make them, you can either use yarn, or embroidery floss. If you don’t remember how to make them, an online search will show you many tutorials.

Younger kids will enjoy simple bracelets, while older ones will spend a lot of time working on more complex patterns.

Crafts made with t-shirts

Idea #9: Tie dyed t-shirts

Tie-dyeing t-shirts can be a lot of fun! Pinch and twist a white t-shirt, and tie it with rubber bands until it is all bunched up. You need at least a few colours of dye, and plastic gloves.

You can either dip parts of your bunched up t-shirt in dye, or use squirt bottles to soak the fabric. Let it dry, wash it in hot water, and put it in the dryer.

Idea #10: Recycled t-shirt bracelets

If you or your kids have old t-shirts that you no longer wear, you can recycle them by turning them into colourful bracelets. Simply cut them into strips, and braid them together to make beautiful bracelets.

Crafts made with pinecones

Idea #11: Pinecone owls

Pinecones can be used to make different summer camp crafts. You can paint each pinecone, or keep them natural. Use painted acorn tops to make the eyes of the owls, or glue googly eyes on them if you can’t find acorns. Finally, use two small feathers to make the wings of each owl.

Idea #12: Pinecone roses

Pinecones can also become beautiful roses. Paint them in the colours of your choice, and glue them on twigs painted in green. You can also use pieces of cardboard to make the green leaves of each rose.

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