What Is a Barn Curtain System?

For those in the livestock business, it is all about caring for your animals for maximum profit. You house them in barns and other structures for their comfort, and any way to make their environment more comfortable, the better the yield you will get down the road.

Among the most important aspects of animal housing are ventilation, lighting and climate control. You should invest in a barn curtain system to upgrade your structures’ conditions.

What is a barn curtain system?

A barn curtain system is a multi-functional alternative to standard, rigid building siding in animal shelters. They work as roll-up or drop-down systems and are powered by motors or manually operated to control.

The goal is to better control the climate, light and ventilation within your barns; the investment makes a lot of sense. Poorly ventilated and lit barns can lead to a variety of diseases along with less productivity, and that hits directly in the pocketbook, year after year.

How to Do Barn Curtains Function?

This is a way to alter the indoor environment or your animal barn and gives you a method of control. There are two types of systems offered.

Drop-Down Systems

A drop-down system benefits young animals that thrive in drafts. With the curtain open, the air is allowed to enter the barn from the top of the wall, mixing with warm air trapped in the roof and pushing down the combined temperature of the air to the animals. This is less shocking because of a gradual temperature change.

Roll-Up Systems

A roll-up system can rapidly cool hot environments and increase fresh air for animal comfort. This is mostly used in free-stall barns.

Barn Curtain Components

The curtains consist of the following:

Rolling Machine

This can be manual or electric. The manual type works by pulling chains to spin a roller and lift or drop the cloth. Electric machines are driven by an electric motor and are turned on and off with a switch to move the curtain.

Rolling Pipes

The rolling pipes are galvanized and fixed together with the cloth, attached using clips and then connected to adapters to allow for a custom length of the barn it is installed on.

Curtain Cloth

A curtain cloth is primarily made from polyethylene and polyvinyl to make it UV and waterproof. The typical lifespan of this material is around ten years. You can also pick a transparency level from opaque to translucent, and they come in various colours with either one layer or multi-layers.

Wind Pipes 

To protect the system from high wind, there are pipes to hold the integrity of the long-distance curtain.

Wind Ropes

These work similarly to windpipes, securing the curtain against strong winds. They are designed to take years of sun and rain exposure.

Wire Mesh

This is an option to bird-proof the system by supporting the curtain cloth. It is either steel or plastic wire mesh for added strength or an economical solution.

Barn Curtain Advantages

This system is an investment in your operation that will last long while you reap the benefits. They include:

  • The ability to provide warmth and cooling depending on the time of year
  • Management of dust, ammonia, methane, moisture, mould and airborne diseases
  • Fan and HVAC reliance mitigation
  • Light control to maximize animal production through various colours and thicknesses.
  • Lower cost for side walls in an open-type structure
  • Convenient farm management tool
  • Customized dimensions
  • Highly efficient for getting insulation and ventilation

These innovative systems are used in livestock and agriculture buildings and help farmers and their commodities thrive. Farmers must deal with dust, rain, wind, snow and other extreme climates, so having a retractable barrier is perfect for protecting animals and agricultural products.

When choosing your barn curtain system, take into consideration what your needs are. You need to think about:

  • Your Climate
  • The size of your barn
  • The types of animals housed inside
  • Weather patterns in your region
  • Your summer and winter ventilation needs

This robust screening system can be implemented by yourself. Still, you must consider your availability to install alongside your current farming duties and the time you need it. There are companies that not only sell the system but also have the manpower and skill set to install it quickly and correctly.

Ultimately, a well-designed and installed barn wall system will serve you and your animals well and provide the protection management you seek. Once installed, you will wonder how you did without it.

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